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Here is the some of the important parts of our terms and Conditions. Full terms are available on request by email or post.

Terms & Conditions


•Any cancellations or notified changes must be made at least 30 days prior to the date of event. If you fail to cancel your booking before this date you will be charged the full booking fee. This ruling may be wavered in very extreme circumstances, or should we manage to fulfil the date to the booking date.

•When a booking has been formally cancelled, and that cancellation has been accepted by both parties, the Client forfeits any rights to use our services on that date, irrespective of deposits or cancellation fees paid.

•Booking deposits will not be refunded under any circumstances.

•Any non payment of a deposit within 14 days could allow us to change our work schedule without prior notice.

•The client / hirer is responsible for any damage to our equipment caused by any person at your event. You will be charged for the full cost of any repairs, or replacements required. You will be advised of any damage as soon as caused.

•We do not tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone under any circumstances. We also reserve the right to terminate our services at any time that we feel our personal safety is under threat. We do not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue. You will be advised of any problems that we may have in this respect with any of your guests.

•We need a minimum of one hour (2 hours on larger visual roadshows) to enter a venue and set up prior to the start time and also a similar time allowance at the end of the night to pack up

•If you are booking other entertainment as well as hiring ourselves, please consider the amount of space available and where you are going to put the disco. Speaker location is usually best if it is no greater than 10 meters either side from the position of the presenter.

•Only staff employed by us may operate our equipment. Under no circumstances may unauthorised personnel tamper, move or attempt to use equipment owned by ourselves. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to property, or injury to persons caused directly by third party intervention.

•We will not be responsible for any damage or loss of private or public property caused by invited or uninvited guests.

•All roadshow equipment that is used is checked prior to arrival and has been fully tested for safety by a qualified electrical engineer. If we are linking our equipment within a fixed in-house audio system, we reserve the right to refuse to do so if the equipment is considered to be unsafe or liable to cause damage to any component linked to it. The hirer is liable if post inspections prove that damage has been caused by faulty equipment other than ours.

•The DJ and there assistants will conduct themselves in a proper manner throughout there attendance at the venue, and will respond. The management requests as to volume, sitting of equipment, or any other reasonable requests.

•Lighting, Sound, and any other equipment  may not be used by other entertainers or by any other person(s) except with the express permissions of Andy Betts prior to the event.

•Confetti Cannons & Pyrotechnics – It is the clients responsibility to esure they have the relevant permission  from the venue for use of these services, and should there be any additional charges for cleaning up of the confetti this is to be stood by the client.

•We reserve the right to use any photography taken during the Hire Period for promotional purposes unless otherwise advised by the Customer.

•We reserve the right to alter any or all of the above at any time.


You will receive a full copy of our terms & Conditions with your booking/Confirmation form please read through as you will be signing a legally Binding Contract.

Terms & Conditions

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