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Customer notice

It is with sad regret that our main man Mr Andy Betts himself has made the decision to retire from the company :(. He built up the company in the late 70's and to date there is not alot of people that don't know or have not heard of his name. He has entertained a hugh number of people throughtout the years as well as been a key part in alot of DJ's career as they started off with working with the Andy Betts Roadshow and made their own way in the Disco/DJ industry.


He would like to personally thank all the customers past and present for all their support throughout the years and believe it has been an amazing experience to entertain so many people and also to have people support the business. Meeting some incredible people along the way which he still class as good friends to this day. Having taken a back seat a few years ago Andy's two son's Ash & Gareth were the support system to the buiness and kept things running within the modern age. Gareth has since left the Andy Betts Roadshow and is now running his own sucessful business and Ash will now become the new face of the company to a degree with a fresh new name, with some exciting stuff to offer in the future months. "It's been a pleasure and I wish Ash every sucess with carrying on his career after the Andy Betts Roadshow and appriciate all the work that has been done by all staff over the years".



Whats the New Name?


The new face of the business will now run under Lux Discos. With the new site being run already at


Why change the name?


It's was something that was thought about long and hard and was not easy having the name being in the family for over 40 years. But times change things get old as do we, so we thought a fresh clean slate would work perfectly for what people are looking for in this day and age.


Will I still get the same service as before?


110% and more. Lux Discos is committed to working with all clients to create their visions and what they invision there perfect event to be.



Can I still book or make enquiries through the Andy Betts Website?


At this time yes, but all responding mail, emails and other communications will be sent via Lux Discos. All details held about any persons that make enquiries through our forms both Lux Discos & Andy Betts Roadshow are kept secure as stated in our Privacy Policy.



If you have any questions that haven't been answered above please send us an email at and we will happily answer your queries.









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